vc1Deakin University is excited and proud to be at the core of one of Australia's most significant investments in global technology. The creation of Carbon Nexus is indicative of the leading role Deakin is playing in developing the people and technologies that will shape our world in years to come.

Victoria has always been the home of Australia's manufacturing sector. As we re-invent our manufacturing industry for the modern era, our vision turns to high technology manufacturing with a strong focus on innovation. It is here that we have the skills, ability and ambition to lead.

Carbon Nexus is a vital component of equipping our manufacturing industry for the future. It is shaped to provide an environment in which the most innovative manufacturing technologies can be conceived, tested, commercialised and protected. It will provide you with access to a team of globally recognised high technology materials experts who, in collaboration with your teams, will deliver the solutions you need to gain a genuine competitive advantage.

Deakin University, the Victorian and Australian Governments and a range of highly innovative technology and specialist partners are committed to making Carbon Nexus a global centre of excellence in the development of carbon fibre-based manufacturing materials and techniques.

We will work hard to ensure it delivers everything you need from a dedicated research and development facility.

I extend a warm invitation to you and your people to develop your technologies at Carbon Nexus and, at the same time, enjoy everything our University and the State of Victoria have to offer.

We welcome you to join us.

Professor Jane den Hollander
Vice-Chancellor Deakin University