facilitiesWe are facilitating our diverse, market-ready innovations using the world's first university based carbon fibre line in a research environment capable of producing industrially relevant quantities of aerospace grade carbon fibre.

Using polyacrylonitrile (PAN) precursor, each year the plant is capable of producing up to 20 tonne output of 12k to 320k tow size carbon fibre for research purposes and specific mission tailored applications.

Carbon Nexus incorporates a suite of out-of-autoclave technologies including RTM, VARTM, ovens and the novel Quickstep™ process to allow industry to explore the performance of new fibres in real-world composite structures.

Carbon Nexus' unique testing facilities allows researchers to routinely run tensile tests on the carbon fibres produced in the facility using a Favimat (AI) Robot2. This results in greater accuracy and greater efficiency.

A Surface Energy Analyser has the ability to evaluate surface energy and wettability of produced carbon fibres. This equipment is essential for developing new fibre surface treatments and coatings.

Carbon Nexus also has a suite of materials processing, testing and characterisation facilities.