Carbonisation lines

carbon-lines1Companies working with Carbon Nexus will have access to:

  • A 20 to 55 tonne pa commercial grade Carbon Fibre Pilot Line that features four-zone centre-to-end oxidation ovens, multi-zoned low temperature and high temperature carbonisation furnaces, surface treatment, sizing and drying capacity, abatement, and a 30-position creel and winder.
  • A fully integrated, single tow research and development carbon fibre process line.

These lines have been supplied by Despatch Industries, in collaboration with Australian-based Furnace Engineering, which provided the innovative low and high temperature furnaces. With the potential to apply multiple configurations, operational flexibility forms part of Carbon Nexus' unique capacity to produce and analyse carbon fibre, as well as review and test efficiencies in the production process.

The facility also provides an unparalleled opportunity for carbon fibre manufacturers to train their staff in production processes. It offers the capacity to simulate many process scenarios away from the pressures of commercial facilities and client schedules.

The requirement for security during carbon fibre research is essential and Carbon Nexus provides sophisticated protocols and systems to ensure client intellectual property and material remain secure.

For detailed specifications on both carbonisation lines, please contact Carbon Nexus.