Research at Carbon Nexus is driven to make industry relevant breakthroughs in four key themes:

  1. Low cost carbon fibre
  2. High performance carbon fibre
  3. Surface treatment of carbon fibre
  4. Advanced composite manufacturing

Carbon Nexus is also exploring the interplay between processing conditions, the molecular composition of the precursor and the structure of the resulting fibre and its effect on the manufacture of composite components.

This is supported by an extensive history of research on composite materials and a strong focus on the rapid out-of-autoclave cure of these materials.

Research has also been conducted on nanocomposites, functionally graded materials, natural fibre composites, new methods for bonding composite materials, crashworthiness of composites, defence applications of composites, A-class surface finish of composites and the use of 3D preforms in automotive structures.

The latest equipment for processing, testing and characterisation of fibres underpins Carbon Nexus' research. Facilities include a Favimat (AI) Robot2, Surface Energy Analysis (SEA), Tension meter and the Quickstep MOD QS5 composite curing machine.