Advanced composite manufacturing

advanced-compositesThe advanced composite manufacturing research at Carbon Nexus has been built on more than a decade of research on out-of-autoclave composite manufacture, leading to the development and production of low-cost, high-performance composite components. An essential part of this work has been to contribute to the understanding of the effect of high heating rates in out of autoclave processes on composite mechanical properties and fibre matrix adhesion. One of the out-of-autoclave techniques under research at Carbon Nexus is the Quickstep process. The Quickstep process utilises a balanced fluid filled mould to heat and cure composites and the findings from these studies were broadly applicable to other out of autoclave processes.

A strong focus of the advanced composite manufacturing research at Carbon Nexus is to match the composite manufacturing process with tailored resin formulation to control exothermic reactions whilst achieving rapid cure cycles. Process science and process analysis and optimisation are the key strengths of this research.