Surface treatment of carbon fibre

surface-treatmentThe increase in use of thermoplastic and high temperature resin systems demands development of new tailored fibre surface treatments. This is a major research focus for Carbon Nexus.

Plasma polymer coatings have dual advantages - they perform a protective coating on the fibre and also impart highly controllable functionality to the fibre. Our research is focused on:

  • Interactions of covalently bonded organic molecules on the fibre surface with the polymer matrix.
  • Developing new emulsion based sizing in partnership with CSIRO.
  • Translating work on ionic liquid natural fibre surface treatments to carbon fibre.

The ability to evaluate these fibre treatments is critical to understanding their effectiveness. Working with IFM's molecular modelling team will help us better understand the fibre matrix interface and predict properties of the different fibre treatments we are testing.

This approach to extensive characterisation of unsized fibre is unparalled and will have huge impacts on future understanding and evaluation of fibre treatment.

Modifying PAN precursor
Carbon fibre performance is highly influenced by the properties of PAN precursor. The single tow line facility at Carbon Nexus presents a unique opportunity to explore novel ways of treatment with ionic liquids.