Management Committee

Mr Derek Buckmaster Chair, Carbon Nexus Management Committee
Professor Russell Varley Professor of Composite Materials
Dr Ben Spincer Director, Deakin Research Commercial
Michelle Gait Acting General Manager – Geelong Technology Precinct

Research Team

Associate Professor Luke Henderson Carbon Fibre Surface Modification
Associate Professor Minoo Naebe High Perfomance Carbon Fibre
Dr Claudia Creighton Carbon Fibre Structure Property Relationships
Dr Mandy de Souza Carbon Fibre Composites
Mr Madhu Suryanarayana Research Engineer in Composites
Jane Zhang Research Fellow
Sulley Li Research Fellow
Sima Kashi Research Engineer

Technical Team

Mr John Herron Operations Manager
Dr Ryan Hess Program Manager, Deakin University and LeMond Composites
Mr Maxime Maghe Research & Innovation Leader
Rohit Rana Technical Officer

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Carbon Nexus is a purpose-built research facility designed to accommodate the diverse needs of international manufacturing organisations that require the cost-effective resolution of carbon fibre-related projects.

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