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Le Mond Carbon obtains verification of carbon fibre rapid oxidation technology

LeMond Carbon has announced the results of an independent technical audit conducted by Bureau Veritas (BV) of its revolutionary...

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Deakin welcomes new Advanced Fibre Cluster Geelong CEO

Deakin University has welcomed the appointment of leading advanced manufacturing advocate and strategic communications specialist Jennifer Conley as CEO...

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Deakin welcomes government support for Advanced Fibre Cluster Geelong

Deakin University has welcomed new funding from the Victorian Government to support growth of the Advanced Fibre Cluster Geelong....

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Carbon Fibre 3D Printing

The ability to combine 3D printing with carbon fibre materials is a new development for advanced manufacturing and rapid prototyping. Carbon Nexus offers two different systems for 3D printing of carbon fibre composite materials.

Fused Deposition of Chopped Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastics

Carbon fibre filaments are chopped into short lengths (under 5mm) and compounded with thermoplastic resins to form the FDM printing filament. Typical resin matrix systems include ABS and PLA.

Fused Deposition of Continuous Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastics

Continuous carbon fibre fibres are deposited along with a thermoplastic resin, resulting in 3D printed components with properties similar to die-cast aluminium. Typical resin matrix system used is PA (nylon).

Our 3D printing capabilities include off-the-shelf machines from MarkForged (USA) and ROBO 3D (USA). These machines are available for access by researchers and industry collaborators.

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Carbon Nexus is a purpose-built research facility designed to accommodate the diverse needs of international manufacturing organisations that require the cost-effective resolution of carbon fibre-related projects.

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