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Scaling Low-Cost Carbon Fibre Production with Oxidation Technology

Carbon fibre composites manufacturers now have access to a new technology that decreases oxidation process time from 80–110 minutes...

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Surface Tension Measurement

Our Kruss K100 surface tensiometer performs high-precision, automatic and reliable measurement of surface tension and interfacial tension, critical micelle concentration CMC and contact angle on solids, fibers and powders.

With high-quality components and a uniquely wide range of methods, the instrument carries out many tasks in the field of wetting measurement. The simple changeover between different measuring methods takes place entirely without reconfiguring the instrument.

The software-controllable sample stage moves in a wide speed range and communicates its exact position to the software with a resolution of 0.1 μm. This adds to the accuracy of results where position control is essential. An integral, automatic stirring function ensures optimum homogenization of dispersions before measuring or rapid equalization of concentration or temperature.

The ionizer inside the sample chamber ensures reliable contact angle measurements on solid samples and single fibres. The ionizer automatically removes the troublesome effect of static charge before the measurement is carried out. Otherwise, this could falsify the result in the form of an additional force.


  • Characterisation of the wetting behaviour of fibre bundles and textiles
  • Sedimentation and ductility of dispersions
  • Checking of surface modifications
  • Measurement of surface tension and interfacial tension using the ring, plate and rod method
  • Measurement of contact angle and surface free energy of fibre bundles
  • Sedimentation behavior of dispersions
  • Measurement from -15 to 300 °C, temperature measurement with internal or external sensor

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Carbon Nexus is a purpose-built research facility designed to accommodate the diverse needs of international manufacturing organisations that require the cost-effective resolution of carbon fibre-related projects.

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