Mr Derek Buckmaster

Chair, Carbon Nexus Management Committee

Derek is the Director of the Carbon Nexus facility and also the chair of the Management Committee.

Derek works closely with industry partners to ensure the strategies and capabilities of Carbon Nexus are closely matched to the research and development goals and the training needs of the global carbon fibre industry. Derek also works closely with the Vice-Chancellor of Deakin, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research and the Institute of Frontier Materials Board to direct the strategies and activities of Carbon Nexus.

Derek has long experience in the composites, plastics, petrochemicals and automotive sectors. Prior to working with Deakin, he worked with the Performance Chemicals business of SABIC where he led their carbon fibre project, among other new business developments. He spent 19 years with GE Plastics in various roles including marketing, product development, application technology, sales, information technology and Six Sigma. Derek has worked in numerous countries including China, Japan, Singapore, The Netherlands, Saudi Arabia and the United States.

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Carbon Nexus is a purpose-built research facility designed to accommodate the diverse needs of international manufacturing organisations that require the cost-effective resolution of carbon fibre-related projects.

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